Puerto Rico $55

Puerto Rico $55

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When you use the New York Borinquen Lions Gift Card, you get a special link that would download a Lion taxi App. That can be used anywhere in the world for taxi service. the more you share your app the more credit Puerto Rico gets. For every $20 of taxi fare Puerto Rico gets $2.00. You get $1.00 in credit for your future fares. this process keeps going on for as long as people use the app. It is similar to the Uber app, except that New York Borinquen Lions club shares the 20% back to Puerto Rico and you. This is why we prefer a Gift Card over donations. If every Lions in the world get a Gift card we will raise $6 Million dollars for Puerto Rico every month. That would build 400 homes per month. If every Puerto Rican get a Gift card that would generate $14, Million per month, this would build 933 homes per month. Are you in?
This is a contract for life with you and our club.


Making Puerto Rico Beautiful again with your help. Purchase our Puerto Rico Taxi cards and we will donate 10% of the Gross Taxi card to the Puerto Rico Fund.

Our goal is to get Puerto Rico functioning 100% by the end of 2018.

Millions of people use Taxis every day.  Uber made 20 Billion in 2016, they have not donated a penny to Puerto Rico.

1-800-TAXISTA has the same system that Uber has to execute taxi fares, we will donate 10% of the Gross Fare for the next 5 years or however long it takes to rebuild Puerto Rico. 

Our goal is to donate $2 million a day with your help. That is 60 million per month. Do you know how many people in Puerto Rico we will help? We won't  stop until we reach every brother and sister in every Pueblo. 

We need you to purchase one or more of these cards, then share it with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media. 

Together we Stand, with all respect to the United States we don't need them because Puerto Ricans are warriors and fighters, we will not be defeated! 

 When you purchase a $20 Taxista Card these are the Benefits

  • Five $20 Local rides Sedan Service anywhere in the United States or 
  • VIP $200 off any Hotel reservation  anywhere in the World
  • Up to 30% off Air and Hotel Travel 
  • Meet and Greet Service 
  • Card Never expires 
  • Use anywhere in the US and or Puerto Rico

10% is donated to Victims of Puerto Rico an additional $50 when you use the $200 VIP travel Card to rebuild one Pueblito at a time. 

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