Puerto Rico Taxista Cards

Puerto Rico Taxista Cards

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It's not what the United States  can do for Puerto Rico, is what  we can do for Puerto Rico!

1-800-TAXISTA will commit to giving 50% of its annual profits for the rebuilding of our Beautiful Island. 

Let's make Puerto Rico Beautiful again! We have what it takes as Boricuas and Americans  to rebuild our Beautiful Island. One Pueblito at a time.We all can pitch in and help our people rise to the top. 

We can raise $2 Billion in one year to make Puerto Rico Beautiful again.President Trump is not  going win this battle. We don't need him, we need YOU!. 

We need your help! we have created a Taxi Card, that you, Your family and friends can purchase, and use anywhere in the the country

The card has (4 ) $20.00 value taxi trips that you can use anywhere in the United States. 

The card never expires! You download the Taxista App and you will always have your taxi credit. You may use for your own taxi transportation or for any traveling from  Puerto Rico to the United States. In addition when you share this app with family and friends, the Puerto Rico fund continues to grow. We donate 50% of the company profits to the fund to help our Island become beautiful again, and help all those Puerto Ricans that the U.S. refuse to help. 

We will invite Carmen Yulín Cruz the Mayor of San Juan, which Donald Trump Brutally criticize, Mark Anthony, Jenifer Lopez, and many other fine Artist to help us rebuild the Island. Pueblito by Pueblito. I will authorize them to monitor the disbursement of the funds. 

We will invite carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and architects to volunteer including the residents of Puerto Rico to participate in the rebuilding of our Beautiful Island.    

All they need is money, I will guarantee you that volunteers from all over the world will show up!